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MARCEL MCMANUS Musician,Singer,Preacher.


A Toombs County native, Marcel McManus, Sr was reared in a Christian home. Music and singing played a significant role in his family. His great-grandfather, the Late Bishop James Holland, played the guitar and taught his son, Pastor Julian V. Holland. Holland, in return, educated his son and nephews. McManus’ mother, Jennifer Floyd, sang while pregnant with him, until giving birth to him on Dec 22, 1984. 

Encompassed with gospel music, McManus absorbed the knowledge of it, gleaning what he could from his family and fellow musicians. However, while many of his family members and friends strummed the guitar or beat the drums, he was enamored with the sounds of the keyboard, piano, and organ. 

Utilizing his deftness and cultivated vocal gift, in November 2008, McManus released his 1st single entitled, “We Thank You Lord”- a testimonial and dedicatory song in honor of his great-grandmother Betty Jo Holland, who suffered a major stroke and was given up by the doctors. 

As you listen to McManus’ newest single, “I’ve Decided to Make Jesus My Choice” (produced by Luther Wardlaw of national recording artists, The Wardlaw Brothers) you will embrace the sounds of his adroit keyboard playing and immediately recognize the traditional hymn coupled with a contemporary and soulful twist. 


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