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Witness with Deborah Davis is testimonials to the difficult times many have faced in their lives . Witnessing to others about the grace and mercy of our lord Jesus Christ’s unconditional love for each of us. By hearing others struggles and triumphs , listeners can believe that God has a plan for them. God loves us all equally and with faith there is redemption, lessons learned, compassion developed and others helped.

For those who are struggling in any area of your life, we want to be an inspiration to you.

Love the Lord with all your heart …..

Deborah Davis is a social worker and therapist . She has worked in the Dallas area since 1995. She began her social work career working with families in an effort to keep them in tact. Her career has taken her to other areas of social work, however, she has come full circle and works with families again. Deborah strongly believes in healthy structure of families. Her personal Christian faith and the spirit of Christ motivate her to encourage Bible based beliefs in regards to family. She is involved in the teaching of Ed Cole: Maximized Man and Unique Woman studies. You can hear her testimony on KBZZ Radio. Through her own struggles in life, tragedy and loss, she reaches out to others so that they will know God has a plan and is always working for our good.

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