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This is a shout out to all Christian recording studios and Christian management companies if you have a artist that you wish to get on the air then please contact this radio station and send us their CDs and their bios and we will do all we can to place all appropriate media online. For […]

February 8, 2018

Thank you for stopping by our DJ page here you will find a list of shows which will be starting here on this station in the very near future we are still in the process of putting together some of the shows as this is such a new radio station we are still working on […]

KBZZ Christian Radio is dedicated to delivering the best free online radio possible. In today’s society, we are bombarded with the bad news through all types of media. KBZZ Christian Radio seeks to deliver music that soothes your soul, calms your spirit, ministers to your  heart, and brings positive encouragement to your life. Our desire […]

B​orn and raised in Northwest Louisiana, ​Stephanie Fruge’​ continues to invest time and much heart into her community through the arts, music, media and the business thereof. Hungry for knowledge and to expand her talent and skills, self-education alongside the implementation of guidance received from local mentors. Stephanie’s resume includes her experience as a music […]

The Subways were kind enough to chronicle their North American tour for us, and we’ll be running their tour diary in several installments this week. Billy Lunn will be our guide, and as he writes, “Because so much usually ends up happening on our tours, we thought that this time round, whilst we’re on our […]

As festival season rapidly rolls in, we’re constantly being reminded of the continuing lack of diversity on our lineups. With a recent study indicating 86 per cent of the lineups of 12 major music festivals last year including Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds and Creamfields were male, it seems that the ears at the top are […]

A great gift to music entered into the world on 23 February 1685 in Halle, Germany. A life of great musical interest; one filled with an unbelievable talent that would become a beacon to many throughout the European continent and span centuries past its lifetime. It is a life that would become centered around a […]

How To Market Your Music More Effectively Knowing how to market your music is without a doubt THE most important thing you can do for your music business and your music career as a whole. You know it’s something that must be handled and if you’re not making efforts to learn how to market your […]


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